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Experience how our HIKES HEAL! program strenghtens your emotional toughness by re-establishing a connection with nature!
The HIKES HEAL! program of Leslie Ann Coaching is all about helping to heal the “walking wounded"ness of individuals, leaders and teams through hiking and other nature-based adventures.

Imagine a training program taught without the cement barriers of the boardroom, city, or home…within a world that already has a naturally built playground of infinite possibilities!

Our nature-based coaching and training programs are all about teaching curious students how to progress forward in life while taking a unique look at how nature has healed, survived, and thrived over billions of years. We then learn how to apply these remarkable lessons to lead our lives, business and communities towards a sustainable and thriving future.

What we offer
Individual Coaching

What I have learned by helping to create a secure and safe environment for our guests as a Security Manager, is that we are all mentally and especially emotionally wounded by something. At the most inopportune times, that something, retriggers an old childhood wound. Our HIKES HEAL! coaching program is developed to assess these triggers and heal them, so they don’t carry any more power over you. 

Our coaching program is comprised of various coaching methodologies and set to the specific needs of each individual. Everyone heals at different pace, and our HIKES HEAL! coaching program offers personally built packages to fit anyone’s lifestyle, pace of growth and budget.

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In addition, we offer...
Corporate Leadership Training

Escape the boardroom walls to heal, lead and build your team in nature’s playground of infinite possibilities.

Leaders need to take us on the healing journey with them. Leaders need to show us how to heal, while giving us permission to heal ourselves. Wounded leaders, in any sense, are weak leaders. Emotional wounds are tough to see but the team feels the cracks in the exterior. Healed leaders are powerful leaders.

Imagine your leadership team fully healed from lingering emotional wounds…how powerful do you think your leadership team is now?

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Leslie Ann is working on putting on a "HIKES HEAL!" weekend retreat at a local National Park. 
Sign up and stay tuned for more details about when this healing event will take place!