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Leslie Ann’s Bio

Leslie Ann moved to Las Vegas 20 years ago, with dreams of illuminating the neon lights beyond measure. With no decent plan of action, she studied many different areas of interest, then after nine years of studying, she finally graduated from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV) with a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science. 

While attending college, Leslie Ann worked in three high profile resorts as a Security Manager on the infamous Las Vegas Strip. That unique hands on experience, was just what Leslie Ann needed to fulfill her illuminating leadership dreams, yet she didn’t know it at the time. With encouragement from senior leadership, Leslie Ann took a risk and entered the realm of loyalty marketing as a developer.

Leslie Ann did not have any marketing experience, yet from her background in improv and speech performance, she stumbled upon her true passion for motivational speaking since she was now responsible for engaging and advancing two casino properties to “sell” a dream of loyalty and value to their guests. 

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After tremendous success, Leslie Ann felt it was time to spread her wings and empower her experiences beyond the casino realm. Leslie Ann became a Certified Professional Coach, then created and developed her coaching company, Leslie Ann Coaching. Leslie Ann has built her company out of her love of nature, leadership development and the art of healing your wounded inner child. 

Leslie Ann has developed an evolutionary training program, called HIKES HEAL! for individuals and corporate leaders to help heal the emotional injuries of the “Walking Wounded” so they can be true powerful leaders. We do this by re-establishing our connection with nature. Leslie Ann has found the best way to teach and help heal is outside, in nature, beyond the walls of the boardroom. Leslie Ann looks forward to sharing more of this wisdom with you as we hike our way to being the true powerful leader in our lives, our communities, and beyond!

About Leslie Ann Coaching

Leslie Ann Coaching is all about strenghtening one's power by helping to heal the “wounded” inner child of individuals, leaders and teams through hiking and other nature-based adventures.

Imagine a training program taught without the cement barriers of the boardroom, city, or home…within a world that already has a naturally built playground of infinite possibilities!

Our nature-based coaching and training programs are all about teaching curious students how to progress forward in life while taking a unique look at how nature has healed, survived, and thrived over billions of years. We then learn how to apply these remarkable lessons to lead our lives, business and communities towards a sustainable and thriving future.

What we teach…Resilience!

Resilience is the utmost important skill for anyone, especially those in leadership, to have, learn, develop, forge and conquer. Learning how to heal is not a weakness, it is a superpower that resilience is built upon. Resilience is not so much about the ability to press on, hustle, and grind to the top; it is about owning the experience, the hurt, the pain and building a better legacy of who you are from that experience. Resilience is all about healing the emotional scars of your life, and then learning mindfulness to support your newly healed direction.

We have found a way to teach resilience through our HIKES HEAL! program, so individuals, leaders and teams don’t have to be a “walking wounded” statistic among us. Mother Nature holds all the ancient and modern secrets by giving us the ability to “play” in nature to learn and grow. The answers are there, all we have to do is ask the right questions and remove the blinders of life to imagine a world your inner child always has dreamed of.

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