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February 14, 2019 at 12:00 AM
by Leslie Ann
person carrying yellow and black backpack walking between green plants

The month of February inspires me with the celebration of love and leadership. In the month of February, we have Valentine’s day and President’s day, plus honoring Black History Month of those who took a leadership role to inspire freedom and unity. With this trifecta, we should be able remember and celebrate the essence of love and leadership. Regardless about how you feel about certain presidents either past and/or present, this is not about expressing my approval or disapproval. If, I did, then I would not be a good coach. Instead of helping to make a difference in their lives by seeing beyond the opinions of others, I would be fueling the cause of what so much of our division as a country is now.

To honor the trifecta essence of February, I have written this current blog series describing how love and leadership can work cohesively together to propel us forward.

When I think of love and leadership the first thing that comes to mind is the 1st Principle of hiking. When out in nature the very first thing that we are taught is to Leave No Trace. What does that mean? Well, with the help from Leave No Trace Organization, its mean that we can and should enjoy nature and all of its elements, but we should not leave anything behind to disturb the beauty for others. When I read this the word RESPECT pops up in my mind. We all belong, yet we have to be willing to respect another by not leaving a trace of our “filth” behind. This may be a very important concept to understand, yet we are failing to uphold it in many different areas of our lives. For example, with the latest government shutdown, we left traces of “filth” behind that destroyed, Joshua tree park, Graffiti, that same genomes, spread our own human feces in unsanitary ways, and littered our national parks with so much trash. I can go on and on but reading about one story after another just hurts my heart. Why? Because it is going against a non-negotiable value of mine (Do No Harm) and because how you do one thing is how you do everything. We saw what people in an alleged civilized nation and this is what we do when “unsupervised”. All the effort people we have honored in the past was non existent with the filth that was spread. People complain about being regulated, rules, mandates, but this type of behavior in any case in unacceptable, we are proving that we need to me supervised even through we may be saying something different. Our actions spoke louder than any words or protests. 

Respect is a part of love. How have our actions shown respect and love? Respecting and showing love

Since I am expressing of feeling and angst for these individuals who left traces behind that hurt our Earth home now and for generations to come what part of the solutions does that make me? 

No, because we need to be able to talk about our feelings in a safe environment and this is how I feel. Some joy came out of this when environmental groups, Muslim groups, groups of young kids and many more volunteered to clean up and take care of our Earth home. It is great that these groups made a difference. 

So, as a leader how should we handle this situation? How do we learn to show respect for ourselves, others and our one Earth home. The problem may have been triggered by political gains, but the destruction was caused by people who left a trace of filth behind for others to clean up. The cycle of people doing harm and then having others clean up the mess is a cycle that goes as far back into history. Can we ever break this cycle and have people respect and be responsible for their own actions? God, I hope so…

When I take clients our on a HIKES HEAL! coaching session, we discover that many things in our lives are triggered. My mission in my personal life and my business is to make lives special. That means all living beings, my own, my clients, people I pass by in the street, animals (I am trying with this one, I still hate bugs and bats) and nature. Nature is alive and it is for the leadership within each one of us to respect it and not leave a trace of harm behind.

In my latest newsletter, I took a polling question, “Do you love to lead, or do you let love lead?” I have received many different answers, but a few of the ones that stuck an interest to me were comments stating that this was really the same thing. What do you think? (I invite you to weigh in on the question by clicking here.)