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What some recent clients say about their experience with Leslie Ann Coaching.

We might be biased. Take it from our clients.

“Leslie Ann’s time with me and our team was great and eye-opening! Her effervescent energy was infectious and it was a great way to know my team and her. Her work was truly appreciated! I am a better Leader because of Leslie Ann!" 

Professional Wedding Planner

"I was talking with my sister and telling her how wonderful you are. Telling her that without you I would not be the person I am right now. You gave me the tools, so I didn't have to take drugs and I can handle my demons. Thank you!!!!!" 

~ Gladys D~ 

"Leslie Ann is an asset to the world."                                        

~ ELIE ~
Real Estate

"And one more thing...sometimes the truth hurts...I must have been a real SOB at times...but I am here to change. Thank you Leslie Ann for doing your job...I actually love it!" 

Sales Associate

“Leslie Ann is insightful, engaging, and inspiring. If you haven’t had the time to attend one of her seminars or meet her in person, I highly recommend you clear your schedule and make the time. Her zest for life and passion for helping others are infectious.” 

Insurance Sales Manager

“Leslie Ann is an amazing person/coach to have on your side. She’s always there when needed and always has the right things to say to keep you powerful and going in the right direction. Couldn’t ask for a greater find than her. She is a delight." 

Pharmacy Tech

“Leslie Ann is one of the most beautiful and honest people you will ever meet. She has given her undivided attention to many of us behind the neon lights. She always listened and never judged. She always lifted your spirits. To know her is an honor!” 

Lead Cashier

“I have had the opportunity to be coached by Leslie Ann. She gave me her full attention and helped with my development as a leader in the casino industry. Leslie Ann has a natural talent with helping people find their power and to live everyday using it to the fullest. Leslie Ann ensures that you look at every opportunity in every situation. She is an amazing person/Coach"


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